Saturday, 22 May 2010

Moths in trap 21 May 2010

Here's the list of moths etc in our 80W MV Skinner trap on overnight last night. Any suggestions for the photos below very welcome. Thanks to Liz at CumbriaMoths for some identifications.
* means first sighting here.

Cockchafer x 3
Peppered x 1
Scalloped hazel x 3
Water carpet x 8
Hebrew character x 13
Common carpet x 2
Garden carpet x 1
Flame carpet x 2
Lunar thorn x 1
* Scorched wing (m) x 1
Brimstone x 2
* Knot grass x 4
Brown silver-line x 1
White ermine x 1
Coronet x 3
* Least black arches x 2
Flame shoulder x 1
* Pale-shouldered brocade x 4
* May highflyer x 1
* Brindled pug x 1
* Foxglove pug x 1
* Dwarf pug x 3
Common Quaker x 1: slightly aberrant with the oval and kidney marks slightly joined
* Agonopterix arenella x 1: slightly faded, overwintered
??possibly some clouded drabs
?Striped twin-spot carpet

Least black arches Least black arches

Pale-shouldered brocade

Knot grass

Brown silver-line

Common carpet

White ermine

Flame carpet

Scorched wing

Pale-shouldered brocade

Knot grass


Scalloped hazel

Lunar thorn

May highflyer

Brindled pug 1: Brindled pug

Foxglove pug Foxglove pug

Dwarf pug 3: Dwarf pug

Dwarf pug 4: Dwarf pug

Dwarf pug 5: Dwarf pug

Common Quaker

Agonopterix arenella

Scorched moth Scorched wing

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Lake View bird report for April 2010


We had been hoping that the Tawny Owl pair would settle down in my new nest box. However this doesn't seem to have happened. Both were roosting in our spruce trees until 9th April 2010; since then we have only seen one owl. Does this mean that the female is elsewhere? It has been suggested that the owls may not be breeding because they'd have a harsh winter with little food available while snow was covering the ground from December through to March.

Caz has been collecting Tawny Owl pellets from under our spruces since January and sending them off each month for analysis by the Mammal Society. During March 2010, these were the results:

SpeciesNumber of prey items
Field vole24
Bank vole16
Wood mouse2
Common shrew8
Pygmy shrew2
Water shrew2
very large bird1
amphibian species2
No of pellets:33

Pygmy shrew and Water shrew have appeared in the list for the first time. There are no water courses very close to us; the owls must have been ranging wider (down to the River Lowther?). Bird prey items are divided into 5 categories; a 'very large bird' might be a pheasant.

Water carpet moth flying in my office on 26/4/10

The linked table below shows the maximum count of each bird species seen primarily in our back garden near Bampton Cumbria in NY51 VC69 (and in our surrounding 1km square) in the period from November 2007 until April 2010, with a total count of 47 species.

Full Lake View Monthly Max Bird Count Seen table

Species Apr-10
Blackbird 2
Blue tit 2
Carrion crow 1
Chaffinch 5
Coal tit 1
Collared dove
Dunnock 2
Fieldfare 15
Goldcrest 2
Goldfinch 4
Great spotted woodpecker 2
Great tit 1
Greenfinch 4
Grey heron
Jackdaw 6
Kestrel 1
Lapwing 1
Linnet 1
Long-tailed tit
Mistle thrush 1
Pheasant 1
Pied wagtail
Reed bunting
Robin 1
Song thrush 1
Sparrowhawk 1
Spotted flycatcher
Starling 2
Stock dove 2
Swallow 5
Tawny owl 2
Willow warbler 1
Woodpigeon 1
Wren 1
Total: 47 26