Friday, 4 June 2010

Moths in trap 3 June 2010

Here's the list of moths etc in our 80W MV Skinner trap on overnight last night. Any suggestions for the photos below very welcome. Thx again to Liz at CumbriaMoths for her help.
* means first sighting here.

I got a Swallow Prominent moth for the first time. I left it in a specimen tube overnight - by morning it had laid some eggs. We decided to try to rescue them. Willow is one of the larvae host plants, so we used PVA glue to stick the eggs to the underside of some leaves on two different willow trees. We've marked some of the leaves with wool.

Swallow prominent moth eggs Swallow prominent moth eggs on willow leaf

Cockchafer x 1
Brimstone x 1
Silver Y x 1
Flame Shoulder x 1
Spectacle x 4
Lunar Thorn x 1
Flame Carpet x 1
Common Carpet x 3
White Ermine x 1
* Swallow Prominent x 1
Knot Grass x 3
Common White Wave x 1
Grey Dagger sp x 1
Coronet x 1
Brown silver-line x 1
Pale-shouldered Brocade x 6
Scalloped Hazel x 1
Spruce Carpet x 1
* Alder Moth x 2
* Clouded-bordered Brindle x 1
Foxglove pug x 1

Clouded-bordered Brindle moth Clouded-bordered Brindle

Common White Wave moth Common White Wave

Grey Dagger sp moth Grey Dagger sp

Spruce Carpet moth Spruce Carpet

Alder Moth Alder Moth


Foxglove Pug

Pale-shouldered Brocade

Swallow Prominent


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