Saturday, 22 May 2010

Moths in trap 21 May 2010

Here's the list of moths etc in our 80W MV Skinner trap on overnight last night. Any suggestions for the photos below very welcome. Thanks to Liz at CumbriaMoths for some identifications.
* means first sighting here.

Cockchafer x 3
Peppered x 1
Scalloped hazel x 3
Water carpet x 8
Hebrew character x 13
Common carpet x 2
Garden carpet x 1
Flame carpet x 2
Lunar thorn x 1
* Scorched wing (m) x 1
Brimstone x 2
* Knot grass x 4
Brown silver-line x 1
White ermine x 1
Coronet x 3
* Least black arches x 2
Flame shoulder x 1
* Pale-shouldered brocade x 4
* May highflyer x 1
* Brindled pug x 1
* Foxglove pug x 1
* Dwarf pug x 3
Common Quaker x 1: slightly aberrant with the oval and kidney marks slightly joined
* Agonopterix arenella x 1: slightly faded, overwintered
??possibly some clouded drabs
?Striped twin-spot carpet

Least black arches Least black arches

Pale-shouldered brocade

Knot grass

Brown silver-line

Common carpet

White ermine

Flame carpet

Scorched wing

Pale-shouldered brocade

Knot grass


Scalloped hazel

Lunar thorn

May highflyer

Brindled pug 1: Brindled pug

Foxglove pug Foxglove pug

Dwarf pug 3: Dwarf pug

Dwarf pug 4: Dwarf pug

Dwarf pug 5: Dwarf pug

Common Quaker

Agonopterix arenella

Scorched moth Scorched wing

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