Monday, 12 April 2010

Sea eagle seen at Haweswater

A sea eagle was seen near the Haweswater Golden Eagle at Riggindale yesterday Sunday 11th April 2010. RSPB volunteer warden Pete reports that it was definitely a White-tailed Eagle:

"No doubt whatsoever. Although before I got the scope on it I was hoping it was female golden. Massive wingspan, wings held outstretched, with golden eagle making size comparison easy, fan tail(though not obviously white), protuding head. As it split from golden eagle a raven mobbed it as it left valley over by Kidsty. A moment I do not think i will forget! Dave has said that there was a report of sea eagle [earlier] at Leighton Moss yesterday at 12.50am."

It now seems likely that this sea eagle is a young 2 year old from East Scotland which has been wandering far and had been seen previously near Newcastle, North Yorkshire and Hull. It doesn't have wing tags but is wearing a radio transmitter (not satellite tag). More info on the East Scotland Sea Eagles blog.

The previous day we saw the Golden Eagle being mobbed simultaneously by a Buzzard and a Peregrine during a 45 minute flight. Certainly an eventful weekend.

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