Friday, 10 July 2009

Moths in trap on 9 July 2009

Here's the moths found in our Skinner trap last night - light only on for about an hour. Some ids still needed.

Snout x 4
Flame-shouldered x 2
Silver-ground carpet x 1
Large yellow underwing x 1
Muslin footman x 1
The Flame x 2
Brimstone x 1
Green carpet x 1
Barred yellow x 1
Barred straw x 2
Double square spot x 1
Unknown Common Carpet x 1
Unknown x 1
Ghost moth - female x 1
Silver Y x 1
Unknown Coronet x 1
Flame carpet x 1
Unknown x 1
Unknown (?Chrysoteuchia culmella) x 1
Antler x 1
Unknown (?Ingrailed Clay) x 1
Dark arches x 2
Unknown x 1

1 comment:

  1. Ok, this is fun, from the top:
    Common Carpet - can't see that it's Wood or anything funny.
    Dunno - my Shears rule might work (if in doubt it's a Shears)
    Coronet - my website 2nd July link on #moths
    Then it gets harder and more Northern! The crambid looks like C.culmella. There has to be an Ingrailed Clay in there somewhere - the one after the Antler? And possibly the bottom one too.